Our Missions


Executive search is a recruiting process which consists of contacting a candidate, most of the time already employed, identified through a meticulous selection process whom meets our client’s needs in term of experience.

According to the requirements defined by our client, we identify possible candidates whose profiles (resume, professional experience…) match in principle. If we do not usually publish advertisement, we can ensure the follow-up of our clients’ advertisements within the framework of hybrid assignments (both executive search and advertisements).

We are working closely with our clients, in a close partnership.

Our research team is continuously in touch with healthcare managers and experts, based internationally.

Our specificity is the assessment, in addition to the candidate’s skills, of his/her personality and his/her adequacy with our client’s culture and expectations.

Nos missions d’executive search sont diversifiées mais concernent toujours des postes aux responsabilités impactant la stratégie des entreprises.

Besides the rational approach of candidate’s identification and assessment, our added-value is also based on our capacity to timely find the right candidate for the right opportunity. It is the meeting between a firm, a project, a team and a person.

Our executive searches are diverse but always concern high responsibility positions impacting the company’s strategy.


Assessment is a tool which accompanies decision making as it highlights the adequacy of a candidate for a specific position from an objective point of view.

It can help to define support measures needed to promote the success of the candidate in his/her new responsibilities.

In one hand, assessment helps determining skills and areas of improvement regarding a certain profile. In the other hand, it can help predicting the adequacy between the future position and a candidate, both from an individual and/or collective point of view.

The adequate situations for an assessment are:
  • Selection:
    support to an optimal choice for a position, comparing the profile needed with the candidates regarding their experience, skills and personality.

  • Promotion :
    révéler le potentiel des collaborateurs dans le but d’élaborer un plan de développement de leur carrière.

  • Réorientation :
    évaluation approfondie du potentiel et des intérêts du candidat, et élaboration d’un portfolio en soutien à une orientation de carrière/ une recherche de travail réussie.

Promotion: reveal the potential of the employees in order to work out development plan of their careers.

In addition, an organizational approach of the firm and/or of the project allows optimization of someone’s adequacy within a team and/or a firm.


Coaching is an effective answer to the companies’ needs of regulation. Through working on the social aspect, it may reveal potentials and resolve complex issues.

Coaching may be strategic, by helping defining the objectives, or it may be operational, by implementing these objectives, improving the organization or the interpersonal dynamic. It has also a central role in prevention and treatment of psychosocial risks (stress, exhaustion, harassment…). It can be useful to:

  • Support managers in new situations;

  • Manage the making of a challenging decision;

  • Affirmer et/ou renforcer son leadership

  • Assert and reinforce one’s leadership;

  • Lead a sensitive project;

  • Manage a decisive initiative



Team and management are the two most important elements at the time of investment or acquisition. We offer customized solutions which support our clients in the assessment of present skills and in the identification of the futures needs regarding both human and business

We are working closely with several venture capitalists who are asking us to assess with objectivity the capacity of a C-“something”-Officers to meet their expectations.