Arnaud Salaün


With a University backroung in public law and legal history in Toulouse, Arnaud first explored the education world before resolutely committing himself to Direct Approach in the Health sector.

In 2017, he decided to get involved in the associative field in Marseille. He started out as an educator and then became a school teacher, convinced that the most basic learnings structure and enhance the development of one's personality. Looking for more challenges, he then experienced job coaching, and finally chose to discover the corporate world and move towards HR development and more specifically Talent Acquisition.

Arnaud completed a work-study program at the Ecole du Recrutement and worked for almost two years as a research officer at Ithaque Médical, a small boutique specialising in the recruitment of health professionals, mainly medical practitioners, for healthcare establishments (clinics, hospitals, health centres). He was in charge of the General Medicine and Geriatrics. He has also recruited managers for healthcare, heads of department, as well as Medical Directors and Care Directors.

In 2022, willing to keep on growing and deepening his expertise in Life Sciences and Health recruitment, on top management and expert levels, Arnaud joined L3S Partnership.