Laurence Ferron

Laurence Feron - Head of Research

With a university degree in English Language, Literature, and Civilization, Laurence has been able to use her interpersonal skills and taste for foreign languages ​​at the political switchboard of the French Ministry for Foreign Affairs, during her studies.

In the early 2000s, she joined a SSII, Team Partners Group, where she was in charge of monitoring contracts for IT services for clients in the banking and insurance sector, as well as the administrative follow-up of a hundred employees.

She also took part in two start-ups of the group: one in the financial field, and one in the field of health: Digital Share which proposed the first digital archive on health care with the will to become one of the first clinical content providers in Europe.

Wishing to acquire a more commercial experience, Laurence then joined OTC Conseil in 2006, a Management Consulting firm specialized in Finance and Risks, where she organized and managed the various points of contact with clients. She was also responsible for managing the response to the request: receiving tenders, assigning staff, coordinating the Steering Committee and overseeing all contractual aspects.

She also finalized in collaboration with the CEO and partner companies, the filing of two innovative projects to the FUI (Single Interministry Fund), CRIS and PARIS-MHM, labeled by the Finance Innovation, a competitiveness cluster

Laurence was then confirmed as Business Manager in all accounts belonging to Societe Generale groups, BNP Paribas, Caisse des Dépôts but also all specialized management companies, Insurance Companies and the Public Sector…: her supporting role for the Business Unit was not only to manage the response to calls for tenders in project mode, but also to create the referencing files, and to proceed with tariff negotiations with the procurement department.

She was also dedicated to international entities in China and the United States.

At the beginning of 2011, wishing to give a new direction to her career towards recruitment and Life Sciences and join an entrepreneurial project, Laurence chose to join L3S Partnership. Since joining L3S, she has had the opportunity to work on very different assignments, as a researcher, which has allowed her to gain a good general vision of this industry: Sales Department, Business Development, Strategic Operations Department, Agreements and Licenses Department, Marketing, Medical & Scientific Affairs, Market Access, ...

For two years, Laurence has taken the lead of the research department and also carries out missions as a consultant.

Since 2019, she has been particularly in charge of marketing functions and those related to digital (digital transformation, SFE, e-health, ...).